FALL/WINTER 2017 by Jesse Factor


Teaching Beginning Technique and Repertory, Martha Graham School, NYC

Marthagany 2.0 Work-In-Progress Showing, Iowa City


Guest Teacher, The University of Iowa Youth Ballet

Dance Studies Association Conference, University of Ohio, Columbus, OH


Guest Choreographer, Maidenhead, Harvard Ballet Company, Cambridge, MA


Kween Kong at Harvest Contemporary Dance Festival, Ruth Page Center, Chicago, IL


Marthagany at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Boston MA

Teaching Beginning Technique at the Martha Graham School, NYC



Delighted to be invited to teach at the FORGE Summer Dance Intensive by Lindsay Fisher Viatori. Held at Slippery Rock University, I introduced undergraduate and pre-college dancers to the Graham technique, restaged selections from CATS, and collaborated on a new group piece, Tracing 1.0.

Read an article about my involvement here: http://www.sru.edu/news/072517b-x28724

Technique Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWV_aGn_Drw&feature=youtu.be

CATS restaging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR3qkxKWNrc&feature=youtu.be

Tracing 1.0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsHaqru2fCI&feature=youtu.be

(ACDA) American College Dance Association @ Wichita State University by Jesse Factor

Marthagany: The Spectre-Acle garnered a standing ovation at the ACDA informal concert on Friday, March 31st, to my delight. I love continuing to perform this work and learning more about what I made and how viewers experience it. 

I also taught a class on Graham's fall on 10 counts, in which I incorporated Ellen Graff's When your Heart Falls: The Drama of Descent in the Martha Graham's technique and theater. A packed class quickly learned the sitting fall, standing fall, and a short phrase from 1936's "Celebration" incorporating elements of this particular fall. The students in the class were so phenomenal, committing fully to big dancing and taking risks. I left inspired and renewed.

(ISTA) International Schools Theatre Association Festival @ Atlanta International School by Jesse Factor

I served as a teaching artist for four days of ensemble-based learning around the theme of civil rights for High School students from Atlanta International Schoo (GA)l, Santa Margarita High School (CA), Hillel Academy (Jamaica), and WAM theater (MA). A visit to the stunning civil rights museum helped us hold current events against history, and allowed for profound and moving reflection. I worked with my ensemble on simple mirror and unison techniques, which we developed into more complex variations. I see the value of this work as creating physical learning opportunities for leading and following within the group, as well as maintaining one's agency. We devised two short studies, built from material we created in response to our museum visit. I learned so much from working with my ensemble and the wonderful teachers and guest artists ISTA brings together. The beautiful work generated by the students gives me hope for the future of this planet. 

2016 YEAR IN REVIEW by Jesse Factor


Mommie Queerest Creative Research on the Aesthetics of Camp

Re-staging Martha Graham's Ritual to the Sun for the University of Iowa Dance Gala 2017

Duet/Phasing with Lauren Newman and XiaoChuan Xie at Socrates Sculpture Garden

Brigadoon at New London Barn Playhouse (Best Choreography Nomination: New Hampshire Theater Awards)


International Beauty Secrets with Waedao Sirisook

No/Body Any/Body

Marthagany: The Spectre-Acle

Pret A Acheter 


Dance Gala 2016: University of Iowa by Jesse Factor

Serving as Regisseur for the Martha Graham Center, I worked with University of Iowa undergraduate and graduate dance students on Helios: Ritual to the Sun from Martha Graham's Acts of Light. This process involved training the dancers in the Graham technique, contextualizing the work within the broader scope of the Graham canon and American modern dance, as well as coaching the dancers on the unique demands required to perform this work. It was an honor to serve both the Graham Center and the University of Iowa and to bring this dance back to life in new bodies! 

Photo: Bill Adams // Dancers: Benton Happel and Lauren Vasilakos, University of Iowa Undergraduates // Venue: Hancher Auditorium

Photo: Bill Adams // Dancers: Benton Happel and Lauren Vasilakos, University of Iowa Undergraduates // Venue: Hancher Auditorium